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  • Collection: Town of Mansfield Official Records

Copies of relevant town meetings and minutes regarding the naming, acceptance, discontinuation of various roads

Excerpts of the Declaration of Freedom as found in the Town Meetings Records Volume 1 Page 257

Pauper Index, Selectmen minutes, etc.

Maps filed as a land record with an index by name and street

Deeds transferring land from Augustus Storrs to the Agricultural School

Microfilmed version of earlier printed records

A set of 38 aerial maps covering the Town of Mansfield with a map index

Complete collection of all Annual Reports of the Town since 1867. Some are bound others individual.

A collection of reports completed for the Town covering a wide variety of topics.

Materials from the CDAP process the Town undertook in the 1970's. CDAP was a multi year town wide planning process covering economics, education, housing, land use, social services, town government, transportation and utilities.
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