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Highlights of Mansfield's History
First Powered Silk Mill in America (Hanks Silk Mill)
Gurleyville Gristmill
Hanks Reservoir
Mills of Mansfield Hollow
W.E. Williams Silk Mill
Why the dam was built

Copies of Public Acts including an index which shows those Acts not available through the digital Hein Online database of the Connecticut State Library

Complete record, including index, to all land transactions in Town

Pauper Index, Selectmen minutes, etc.

Recollections and documentation of the Wormwood Hill area

Mansfield inserts chronicling life in Mansfield

Summary of the growth and changes in Mansfield from 1702-1974

Recollections of Mansfield by Hazel Nichols born in 1891

Map showing the location of historic sites - key code missing

Brief history of the school at Eagleville

History of Mansfield written by local schoolchildren, compiled for Connecticut's Tercentennial

Deeds transferring land from Augustus Storrs to the Agricultural School

Collection of Early Maps of Mansfield and Connecticut including Native American site locations 1930, Hand drawn maps of Mansfield Center 1685, 1790,1857, 1865 and 1879, Historic Site Map 1960

Five completed inventories of houses in town
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